For increased tire wear and a safer smoother ride tires should be rotated every 7500 miles, or every other oil change.

Most of today’s vehicles use plastic lenses that with time, ultra-violet rays, weather, salt and road debris degrade these lenses. This cloudy film leads to diminished light output, reducing visibility. Headlight lens restoration to a clear better performance lasting up to two years.

Like your engine oil your transmission has a recommended interval for replacement.

Your gearboxes, differentials and transfer case fluids as with other fluids have manufacturers recommended change intervals. Ask us how often they should be changed.

Your engines air filter captures airborne contaminants before they enter your automobiles engine. Each gallon of gasoline burned requires 10000 gallons of air that needs to be filtered. Left unchanged dirty air filters can lead to poor acceleration, lower fuel mileage, and poor engine performance.

Lights out? “See” us about your light bulb replacement needs. We can replace bulbs in most vehicles and keep you driving legally.

Cracked noisy belts? Let us replace your tired and worn belt so you don’t get stuck on the side of the road.

Diesel and gas fuel filters like any filter will become clogged with debris restricting performance.

Stop in if you can, most brake replacement can be scheduled to be done quickly
Up to 5 quarts. Mobil Motor Oil, Remove Old Oil Filter & Install New Oil Filter, 15 Pt Check – Air Filter, Battery, Exterior Lights, Serpentine  Belt, Wiper Blades, Brake Fluid, Check & Top Off Coolant, Transmission Fluid, Windshield Washer Fluid, Check and Adjust Tire Pressure (Spare Also If Accessible), Wash Windshields & Refill Washer Fluid Between Oil Changes.